Wednesday, 11 April 2007

A Little Treasure

book cover

I cannot begin to describe how excited we were to find this book "Art and the built environment - a teacher's approach" by Eileen Adams and Colin Ward, pub.Longman Group Ltd 1982 tucked at the back of a blue plastic box in the Save the Children charity shop in Broadstairs - guide price 20p!! We paid a £1!! Not least because dear old Eileen is a bit of a goddess amongst art educators and she marked our degree at Chelsea. This is a real little treasure and on page 52 found this little snippet which really resonnates with what we're going on about - titled Serial Vision

..serial vision

"Gordon Cullen says that we understand space not merely by looking at it but by moving though it. Townscape, therefore, is not a collection of static tableaux: it is made up of a continuum of spatial awareness where our perceptions are influenced by what we have expeienced and what we expect to experience. Serial vision is a way of revealing this phenomenon." p52. ISBN:0 582 36195 8

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